Guardians of the Shadows by Ken Donaldson

We enter an era where the life of the not so distant future unfolds.

Building on from the first novel which brings together through romance attractions one very special woman whose life exists as a journalist, who is on a holiday in Australia where her love interest grows and It is here she first learns a deep well hidden secret life about one man. the man she has been studying for use in a column she writes for her family based newspaper readership. That follows into her becoming heroine born of destiny across a history now unfolding before her eyes which takes her into a full-on war between good and evil spanning through a multi-dimensional parallel universe.

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Guardians of the Shadows by Ken Donaldson

A Review
“This story is engaging and complex. A deeply layered tour de force. While much of it feels onerous its setting all the characters and situations for the next two books in the series.”

~ Thom Z.

About Kenneth Donaldson
Life has taught me many lessons along the way. All of which have shaped and made me be proficient in my abilities bringing to life stories that are written about the most important people I have shared time with in life so far have given me a wonderful background from life that I could not resist the urge to write down.

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