Ghost Knights Of New Orleans Kindle Edition by David Althouse

Shrouded in a world of intrepid agents and fatal assassins, a fearless operative dares to escape his allegiance to the cause.

When his renown rises after successfully orchestrating a string of daring train raids, Confederate scout Drouet Broussard is inducted into a covert league loyal to a lethal cause – the Knights of the Golden Circle. With war raging, Broussard’s assignments become successively bolder and involve him in the ultimate mission: a presidential assassination.

Set in the shadowy streets of Louisiana at the onset of the Civil War, Ghost Knights of New Orleans follows Broussard through his action-packed exploits for the KGC – including robbing a U.S. mint and liaising with Cuban-born double agent Janeta Velazquez. But as dubious motives surface and the league begins to unravel, will Broussard be able to engineer an escape from the deadly secret society?

To find out, get your copy of David Althouse’s ‘Ghost Knights of New Orleans’ now.

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Ghost Knights Of New Orleans Kindle Edition
by David Althouse


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About David Althouse
David Althouse is the best-selling novelist of historical fiction who wrote The Guns of Frank Eaton, a western novel that rose to No. 1 spots on Amazon’s Classic Westerns, Historical Fiction, and Western Paperback Book charts. Althouse also authored Hawk Eyes, a western novel that climbed into the top-five rankings of the same three Amazon charts.

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