Get Back Up by Michelle Lagos

Get Back UP is a story based on the true account of the inspirational near-death experience of Michelle Lagos to the best recount of facts available through medical documents, memory, and interviews. Get Back UP helps those seeking information and resources on health, nutrition, healing, exercise, and the use of positive psychology. While recapping the event the reader is also asked important questions about their own health and healing such as, “What is my reason for living?” “What is my Recovery Plan?” “When do I feel the most empowered” and when do I have the most “hope” “confidence” “balance” “strength” and “concentration?”

“Never let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” ~John Wooden

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“Get Back Up tells the story of Michelle’s near death experience and her recovery from an extremely virulent illness that usually results in death – bacterial meningitis.

The most dramatic part is where Michelle’s family is called into the hospital room and told by the doctor that they should “say their good-byes” because she wouldn’t remember them in 30 minutes, and would be gone within 3 hours. While talking and crying over her, thinking she couldn’t hear or understand them, Michelle sits up and announces that she’s “not going anywhere.”

Michelle survives by sheer force of will, focus, re-evaluating, exercise, diet, and overall self-care.

The book also contains excellent worksheets so you can re-evaluate your life-choices as well.”
~ Aaron Y

Michelle Lagos MBA is a well-respected professional and decisive Intraprenuer who drives company growth in both the general business arenas and the innovative tech world specializing in – Team Building, Business Development Leadership, Account Management, and Strategic Marketing. As a passionate humanitarian, liberal Christian, Oregonian, parent, author, and professional that is dedicated to volunteerism/mentorship in the career centers of the high-risk youth programs, New Avenues for Youth and Outside In. Michelle is simply grateful to have experienced this fortunate miracle and has a great desire to inspire, and be of great service and support.

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