Fragment by Warren Fahy

Scientists have made a startling discovery: the last fragment of a primordial supercontinent on which life has evolved separately from all other life on Earth.

The time is now. The place is the Trident, a long-range research vessel hired by the reality TV show SeaLife. Aboard is a cast of ambitious young scientists, and a director dying for drama. Henders Island might be just what the show needs to boost the ratings, until the first scientist sets foot ashore—and the ultimate test of survival begins.

For what they discover is not a lost world frozen in time, an island of mutants, or a lab where science has gone mad. This is the Earth as it might have been after evolving separately for half a billion years, an ecosystem that could topple ours like a house of cards.

Just as the stakes can’t get any higher, something more terrifying than anything humanity has ever encountered is discovered—and must be saved at any cost.

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Fragment by Warren Fahy

A Review
“A rollicking tale [that] will enthrall readers of Jurassic Park and The Ruins.”

~ USA Today.

About Warren Fahy
warren-fahyNew York Times best selling author Warren Fahy was a bookseller, movie database designer (thousands of his movie descriptions are all over the Internet at different sites like Rotten Tomatoes), helped get a new definition of the word “mullet” into the Oxford English Dictionary and was lead writer for Rock Star Games’ Red Dead Revolver. His science thriller FRAGMENT was nominated for a BSFA and an International Thriller Award and is published in 19 languages. The sequel, PANDEMONIUM, is now available along with his epic fantasy, CRIMSON.

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