Forget it by Claire Highton-Stevenson

Brooke Chambers is forced to leave the Army and the job that she loves. Moving back into civilian life, she never imagined it would mean looking after her teenage sister and searching for a new career. But, with the sudden loss of their dad, Brooke finds herself stepping up, and in the process, looking for a new job; any job.

Getting the chance to let off some steam, she heads to Art, a lesbian bar, and meets Catherine. It’s lust at first sight as both women feel that instant connection, despite the obvious age gap. With Brooke’s new job being the same place where Catherine works, she assumes it was meant to be. Catherine, however, has other ideas and puts a halt to any prospective love affair, much to Brooke’s confusion and heartbreak.

When she tells Brooke to forget it, she didn’t quite mean it so literally and wishes she hadn’t said it, but Brooke is injured on the job and loses her memory…and forgets Catherine….Will they get a second chance to work things out?

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Forget it by Claire Highton-Stevenson


A Review
“Another great tale told by Claire Highton-Stevenson. Taking a trope that could easily feel old, Ms. Stevenson managed to make the story fresh and entertaining with moments of real emotion. Brooke and Catherine make you want to believe in love again, especially from this cynic.”

~ Frankie O’Connor

About Claire Highton-Stevenson
Claire Highton-Stevenson is a contemporary romance writer in the Lesfic genre.

She is from the UK but often her books are set in the States. She loves to travel and often places that she visits appear in the pages of a story.
When Claire isn’t writing, she can be found lurking on social media, watching football (It’s not Soccer) and enjoying time with her friends and family.

Claire is married and has 4 fur babies to look after.

Visit Claire Highton-Stevenson ‘s website.

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