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Reading VFThe copious comments and suggestions that greeted my post, “Visionary Fiction for Readers” of December 2, 2018, shows that the suggested sea change of emphasis from authors to readers on the our website is both necessary and welcome at this point in our genre’s evolution.

I apologize that I did not follow up with the speed appropriate to your interest, but a family emergency, now resolved, and the holidays intervened. However, our Steering Committee resumed discussion and planning on this project in our meeting of 1/16/19, and we resolved to proceed posthaste.

Member Comments of Note

The consensus is that both Visionary Fiction itself and our presentation (promotion) of it must be relevant to readers. The VFA must show that it fulfills a perceived need, this according to Hal Zina Bennett (more from him later).

M. Franck concurs: “What is of interest to readers? Sex, love, war, violence, biographies, etc. One can think of these interests and focus the blog entries to show the ways that visionary fiction stories address these issues. In other words, visionary fiction is not just zoning out and getting spiritual.”

Focusing too much on writers, according to Michelle Frost, puts us “in danger of being a club for kindred spirits instead of a platform to reach the masses.”

Apart from the content of our books, we must account for the public’s perception of the stuff we write, as Jodine Turner observes: “Many of our novels delve deep into issues relevant to today’s world. Some dark and painful issues, both culturally and personally, and we want our readers to … Continue reading

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