Final Reverie by Essel Pratt

Many years after the downfall of technology, magic has reclaimed its position within Earth’s ecosystem. Over time, the delicate balance between good and evil has weighed heavily toward the malevolent side, despite attempts at stabilizing the equilibrium.

Two heroes travel the land with a sole purpose of helping those that cannot defend themselves from the creatures that lurk and feed upon the weak. Their carefree travels are unexpectedly given a larger purpose when they are tasked to search for, and destroy, the nefarious being known as Nafets – who was imprisoned many years prior, but teeters on the edge of reemergence.

Throughout their journey, the heroes encounter saviors of the past that guide them toward the final battle, as well as Atrin – an aspiring adversary that wishes to overthrow Nafets and claim his seat upon the throne of malevolence.

The heroes endure an emotional journey filled with blood, tears, and self-discovery as they encounter the unexpected and become entangled in a expedition that will test their abilities, both physically and mentally.

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Final Reverie by Essel Pratt

A Review
“Final Reverie is a creative and unique high fantasy story about two life-long companions, 15 year old Franklyn, and Chij the wolf, who have embarked on a mission to rid the world of evil. The setting is the earth in the distant future, many years after an accidentally launched nuclear war unleashed forces from the center of the earth that brought an end to the age of technology and ushered in the age of magic. This is a world of vast sylvan forests, crystal clear streams, verdant hills and mountains dotted by villages variously inhabited by people, talking dogs, and races of diminutive semi-humans with skin colors that span the visible spectrum. Magical fairies flit through the air pursuing their purposes of good or evil depending on their natures. The good magic is counterbalanced by evil magic that has caused the world to be overrun by bands of rifters – carnivorous beasts of many shapes and sizes who have an insatiable appetite for human flesh and attack people and other pray at every opportunity.

Nafets is Evil’s most potent entity. He is a diabolical magician who was captured in bygone years by a group of heroes and placed in a cavern that they closed and sealed using an enchanted monument. Nafets bides his time, cultivating his magic powers and causing the souls of all evil creatures to speed through the sky and circulate in the air above his dungeon after death has liberated them from their corporal bodies. Nafets would love to immediately absorb their vitality into himself in order to become powerful enough to escape his prison. However, the enchantment keeps Nefets in his cavern and does not allow the circling energy fields to descend to him.

Franklyn and Chij have been given the assignment of tracking down Nafets in his cave and doing away with him before he musters enough strength to escape and cast his scourge of evil over the earth once again.

The two young heroes encounter all manner of beasts and strange creatures in their quest, some of them hostile and some quite friendly and benign. The animals of the future world all speak in the tongue of man. Final Reverie is a delightful adventure told in an evocative, sensual prose style that enables the reader to see, hear and smell the wonders of rejuvenated nature. The heroes are armed with the powerful Sword of Solace, one of the few earthly weapons magically potent enough to be of use against Nafets. Life becomes more challenging when the demon Atrin starts following in their footsteps, occasionally attacking them. Atrin is an evil entity with powers not far inferior to those of Nefets, Atrin plans to pursue the heroes to Nefets, observe the upcoming battle, and then steal the Sword of Solace as opportunity permits. He will use the sword to dispatch anyone who stands in the way of his rise to his old status of Master of Evil.

Final Reverie is fast paced – a page turner actually – and hugely imaginative. It is a rare bouquet of beauty and menace. The intensity of the final confrontation with Nafets fulfilled my expectations. Reminiscent in ways of Jack Vance’s Dying Earth stories, Final Reverie is a uniquely imaginative novel of high fantasy, and is strongly recommended for readers, particularly young adult readers, who love grown-up fairy tales.”

~ Gizm.

About Essel Pratt
essel-prattEssel Pratt is from Mishawaka, Indiana, a North Central town near the Michigan Border. His prolific writings have graced the pages of multiple publications. He is the Author of Final Reverie, ABC’s of Zombie Friendship, and many short stories.

As a husband, a father, and a pet owner, Essel’s responsibilities never end. His means of relieving stress and relaxing equate to sitting in front of his dual screens and writing the tales within the recesses of his mind.

Inspired by C.S. Lewis, Clive Barker, Stephen King, Harper Lee, William Golding, and many more, Essel doesn’t restrain his writings to straight horror. His first Novel, Final Reverie is more Fantasy/Adventure, but does include elements of Horror. His first zombie book, The ABC’s of Zombie Friendship, attacks the zombie genre from an alternate perspective. Future books, that are in progress and yet to be imagined, will explore the blurred boundaries of horror within its competing genres, mixing the elements into a literary stew.

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