Fight or Flight: The Survival Guide for Flying with Kids by Dana Bachar Grossman

Flying with or around kids can be either easy-going or a flight from hell.

There are some things you can do to have a flight in your favor!

Twelve years of parenting and flying around the globe with my four boys are humbly presented to you to help you make the best of your flying experience, whether you fly with your own children or find yourself surrounded by someone else’s kids on board.

Have you ever stood in line for boarding carrying your crying child in your arms, feeling the other passengers wishing you would both miraculously disappear?

Perhaps you have felt sorry for yourself during a flight?

Maybe you have landed looking like you just came out of a washing machine after flying with your kids, as one of them had diarrhea the whole flight?

Have you ever pretended your 18 month-old baby was only 9 kg (19 lbs.) just to get the desired baby bassinet, regardless of all the safety recommendations?

Did you ever get “the look” from an angry business class passenger because your kids couldn’t keep it quiet in economy class just behind him or her?

What about the seemingly “forever flight” where a baby kept crying the entire trip and you wished you could kick him or her out of the emergency exit?

Have you ever had to sit the whole flight on a wet seat because your precious toddler peed in theirs and wanted to swap with you for a dry one?

Nod your head if you have ever used the airplane’s tiny toilets while still carrying your baby in the carrier?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had your kid boarding a different flight by mistake?

Have you ever thought that it’s only your kids who lose it during flights?

Nod your head if you’ve seen a parent with their children and wished secretly that they were not on your flight.

If any of these scenarios ring a bell or come close, this guide book is for you!

Bonus chapters…

  1. Age-appropriate checklists and “my activity passport” for children at the back of the book! All of which can be downloaded at for easy printing!
  2. Flying solo- for all of you out there who fly kidless.
  3. “Inside scoops” special, where flight attendants will reveal their secrets and tips for you.

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Fight or Flight: The Survival Guide for Flying with Kids by Dana Bachar Grossman

A Review
“Dana helps to calm everyone’s nerves and worries before traveling with children through her hilarious personal experiences and thoughtful tips. I was laughing along with her and reading her advice is priceless. She has seen it all and gives away all the secrets to a successful journey. A must read for any parent about to embark on a flight with their little ones! Included many activities to complete on board as well as packing lists! Thanks for this amazing, helpful, and fun read!”

~ Naomi Singer

About Dana Bachar Grossman
Dana Bachar Grossman is a bestselling author, a public speaker and an expat mom of four international boys who has traveled to five continents, 49 countries and has lived in Singapore for the last nine years.

Dana, an international mediator, lawyer, stand-up comedian, queen of sparkles and glitters, wild singer while driving and the founder of “MeD8” and the “Reaching Hearts” charity, has been blessed with an innate ability to see things as a “matter-of-fact” while bringing a fresh, optimistic solution to any situation.

Dana is constantly on the move either enriching her experience as an avid traveler or chauffeuring her boys endlessly from place-to-place as “Uber Mama”.

In her spare time, Dana loves to do stand up comedy with the goal of not only raising funds for various charities she is a part of, but also inspiring others to be their best self through the use of language we all understand – laughter.

Visit Dana Bachar Grossman’s website.

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