Everything Is Here to Help You: A Loving Guide to Your Soul’s Evolution

Everything Is Here to Help You offers an emotionally supportive way to shift out of the inner war of ego and into the illuminated presence of your soul.

In this book, spiritual teacher and intuitive Matt Kahn redefines the spiritual path for the modern-day seeker and offers original, innovative ways to resolve fear, unravel judgments, and learn how to view life from a clear, expanded perspective. By redefining our understanding of the spiritual journey from the point of view of the soul, Matt breathes fresh life into all aspects of the healing journey to usher in a revolutionary and loving approach to personal growth.

Each chapter highlights Matt’s most cutting-edge teachings and loving wisdom. From teaching you how to unravel blame by exploring the four stages of surrender to providing step-by-step energy clearings and recited activations to amplify the power of your consciousness, this book offers a clear road map to explore the magic, mysteries, and miracles that reside in every heart.

This book also includes engaging questions to contemplate, as well as energetically encoded mantras to experience our unlimited spiritual potential.

Get ready to explore a deeper reality, daring to view your life through the loving eyes of Source and opening yourself up to life’s miracles!”No matter how anything seems or appears—everything is here to help you become the one you were born to be.

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What Comes With The Dust

A Review
“I was pleased to discover that many of the teachings he writes about help me to better understand all of his teachings. Seeing things written down always helps me–allows me to go over the words several times and really take them in. I can feel the changes the book is already bringing about for me. It is truly a companion along the way, for us to use to help be our own best friend through the challenges in life. Thank you, Matt!”

~ Spiritplay

About Matt Kahn
Matt Kahn is the author of the best-selling book Whatever Arises, Love That. He is a spiritual teacher and highly attuned empathic healer who has become a YouTube sensation with his healing and often humorous videos. His more than 10 million YouTube channel viewers are finding the support they seek to feel more loved, awakened, and opened to the greatest possibilities in life through the invitation to join the “Love Revolution That Begins with You.”

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