Emotional Defect: A realtor’s term encapsulating any previous crimes, tragedies, or rumored hauntings that have occurred on the property they’re trying to sell.

Brought in by an unstable homeowner and realtor, a wealthy paranormal enthusiast and her psychic friend want to make sure the house is haunted before purchasing it. Together, the group all stay there for the weekend… The owner desperate for an escape. The potential buyer eager for proof.

The first novel from acclaimed NoSleep author Rhonnie Fordham (well known as rhonnie14 on Reddit), Emotional Defect offers Rhonnie’s typical blend of blood, scares, and countless twists and turns. Enter the Christy house… If you dare./p>

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Emotional Defect by Rhonnie Fordham

A Review

Don’t be fooled by the “first-time author” tag in Rhonnie Fordham’s brief bio. “Emotional Defect” is a well-paced and solid haunted house thriller with hints of Amityville and The Shining throughout. I found the cast of characters to be fleshed out and not simply tools to move the story forward.

Rhonnie Fordham has much to offer in “Emotional Defect.” You should take him up on it! 5/5

~ Aaron Yeagle

About Rhonnie Fordham

Emotional Defect by Rhonnie Fordham A rabid horror fan, Rhonnie’s passion for the genre has fueled his writings in the horror, thriller, and mystery fields. Rhonnie is also a produced screenwriter and an acclaimed contributor to Reddit’s NoSleep forums.

Visit Rhonnie Fordham’s website.

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