Ellen Reminded Us About What Matters

There’s a fantastic video that went viral this week that I simply loved! I loved it so much in fact that I decided to write this week’s blog post around it. Social media has lit up around this viral video of Ellen reacting to some negative flack she got for being friendly with President Bush at a football game. Her basic point: To remind us all that, despite our personal beliefs, we can still be friends to one another.

Watch her video here. It’s absolutely fabulous:

This got me thinking, with all the negative news out there, it’s easy to forget that there is still good in the world. That people of different beliefs can’t come together for the greater good. I’ve heard it said time and time again.

I took some time to find some other stories that show the good in the world––and in people.

Here are some recent stories that exemplify this idea:

A church in North Texas raised $2.7 million worth of medical debt. The kind act will impact 2,400 families in Rockwall and Dallas counties. Incredible!

More on this story here!

The employees of the Siesta Key Oyster Bar spent a month taking down more than $15,000 in dollar bills to help with the relief efforts for the victims of hurricane Dorian.

Bar Employees Spend a Month Taking Down Dollar Bill Decor to Collect $15,000 for Hurricane Dorian Relief

At 95 years old, President Jimmy Carter showed up to a Habitat for Humanity build after suffering a terrible fall that left him with stitches and a black eye.

More info on this story here. 

This was an all around sad story, however, the victim’s brother drew gasps of surprise when he asked to hug the woman who took his brother’s life. It’s an example of the choice we all have when it comes to how we choose to react to difficult situations.

For those who lose or are born without limbs, life without those limbs is difficult enough and while prosthetics can help, this scientific development could significantly improve the quality of life for those with prosthetics.

Learn more about this story!

These stories might seem rare, but they aren’t. Things like this are happening every single day around the world. Not to mention the countless small acts of kindness that happen on buses, in offices, schools and every other conceivable place. So let’s remember to not let negativity in the media and online make us think otherwise! In the end, what matters is that we’re all humans and we’re at our best when we work together, regardless of our personal beliefs!

If you enjoyed this addition to my good news series, I highly recommend you check out my good friend and fellow author Dete Meserve! She posts some great stories she shares that I love to see!

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