Dragon Bone Soup Edited by DW Brownlaw and P. C. Darkcliff

Sixteen fantasy and light science fiction stories. The best indie writing talents from three continents invite you to peer into the dystopian future and enter their worlds of dragons, witches, spirits, elves, trolls, and magicians. The contributors are: Carmen Baca, Brandy Bonifas, David Bowmore, Steve Carr, P.C. Darkcliff, R.A. Goli, Shawn Klimek, Mark Kodama, Giuseppina Marino Leyland, Zhen Liu, Lynne Phillips, Sam M. Phillips, Daniel Craig Roche, Copper Rose, L.T. Waterson, and G. Allen Wilbanks.

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About DW Brownlaw and P. C. Darkcliff

DW Brownlaw (co-editor) is the author of the the science fantasy series The Metaverse, a collection of short stories and novellas accumulating on his website. The series, a long-term project, will conclude in a few years with a series of three (or four) books.
Find him everywhere online: https://linktr.ee/dwbrownlaw

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P.C. Darkcliff (co-editor) is the author of two novels, Deception of the Damned and The Priest of Orpagus. In 2020, he’s going to launch Celts and the Mad Goddess, the first installment of Deathless Chronicle.

Find him everywhere online: https://plu.us/p.c.darkcliff

Join his VIP reader list to get his debut novel for free: https://mailchi.mp/c5550d315607/pcdarkcliff

Visit DW Brownlaw and P. C. Darkcliff’s website.

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