Deep: The Climb of Truth by Christopher Aggett

A young woman, a world of threats and zombies! *****

“It was hard to imagine my father as anything other than that to me, I couldn’t think of him as a killer”

A young woman named Dee steps into a world of discovery and fear. Having been brought up isolated from civilization she is separated from her father and her so-called home. She sets out on a journey through a world of danger and mystery; risking everything to stay alive and reunite with her father Eli. Eli who leads a secret life, entwined in dark and dangerous military experiments that threaten human existence.

“This book had me gripped from the beginning to the very end. I can’t wait to read the next book 5*”

“I read the first few lines I was gripped! Thrilling and leaving you anticipating what on earth was going to happen next. Couldn’t wait to read the following chapters.”

“Really enjoyed this book. A real page-turner with twists and turns and unexpected surprises aplenty! Looking forward to more from this author 5 *”

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Deep: The Climb of Truth by Christopher Aggett

A Review

This is one very fast paced adrenaline ride. Non-stop action throughout! Daisy, or Dee, is in for a grueling journey and some fast learning. It’s a frenetic exploration of things going wrong written by someone who really knows their genre. There are some great twists and drops in the story that shift perspectives of the characters, or your view of them. There’s characters I hope to see again and definitely some big questions raised. Great start, there better be more! Reminded me of the walking dead and resident evil in parts, awesome!

~ 5.0 out of 5 stars

About Christopher Aggett

Deep: The Climb of Truth by Christopher Aggett I would like to start by saying hello. My name is Chris and I am a new author of the book series Deep. The sequel is due out in August 2020. I am also the founder and co host of the amazing podcast show The Writing Community Chat Show.

The answer to the questions I receive now will be the same as if they get asked in ten years. Why did you write this series and where did it come from. The most honest answer I can give is that I have no idea. I have always found myself as a creative person but not really knowing how to channel any of it. I wrote many terrible songs over the years, two issues to do with this; one, I am poor at making music and two, the songs just vanished along with the scrap paper that they were written on. So one day, and I don’t even remember when or why, I just started writing. The Idea of one girl living in the woods developed. I didnt make any storyboards or seek any advice. In fact, I was considered poor at English in school. It is a shame that the school I spent so many years staring out of a window is no longer there, it is a set of new build houses instead. I would have loved to drop a few copies in just to show them a part of my journey. My journey has many parts. I am a father to three, a beautiful young girl and fifteen-year-old twin boys. I am an ex-Army Air Corps British Army soldier, something that I am very proud of. I have also driven lorries and had many other roles. I hope that my journey now continues in this creative way and I embark on my own exciting path and that YOU and your friends can enjoy the mad world that is my imagination. I would love for people to be as passionate about my book series as I am. I can’t wait for the day that it is released and the day I receive fan art. It will be a very proud moment.

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