Death Masks by Kim Richards

Let’s hunt a serial murderer!

Bill Cristo reluctantly takes up an exercise routine. One evening, he takes a jog and comes face-to-face with a killer. His local metro park is no longer safe for anyone. Unsure of why he survived that first encounter, Bill is determined to catch the murderer before anyone else dies. Then it sets its sights on his girlfriend.

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Death Masks by Kim Richards

A Review

4 of 5 stars. Fair warning … I am a big fan of serial killer books and movies. Having the opportunity to discover a new SK novelist brought tears of joy to my eyes. Kim Richards novel, Death Masks, is a well-written thriller keeping the plot tight and creating an atmosphere of dread. Throughout this book, I kept thinking the hero of the story was actually the killer despite no direct evidence. And, Kim kept me wondering right to the very end! The only sore spot for me is that I didn’t get a real clear idea on the “why” of it … aka the killer’s motivating force. All said, if you’re a fan of good page-turning thrillers, Death Masks is your next read.

~ Aaron C. Yeagle

About Kim Richards

Death Masks by Kim RichardsKim Richards lives and writes full time in Northern California. She gardens, reads and writes, sews costuming, and loves music. She also enjoys movies, particularly fantasy, horror, and science fiction. She is also a former small press publisher.

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