Day of the Cross by Rick Kurtis

A boy walks with Jesus To find out that he has been chosen to prepare the world for the second coming. A three-book series.

This book is tied to the King James Bible showing where a boy walks with Jesus. It could have already happened, or maybe happening right now, or in the near future. It will make you think.

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Day of the Cross by Rick Kurtis

A Review

I couldn’t put the book down and had to read the whole thing to the end, even though I had to go to work the next morning.

~ Ms. Jones

About Rick Kurtis

Day of the Cross by Rick KurtisRick Kurtis had a dream over thirty years ago that he was that boy who walked with Jesus. He didn’t know if it was a message or what, but finally published it into a readable book to share his love and joy with others. He now lives in Nevada writing so many more along with children’s picture books to help children learn about their faith and how to deal with problems they may face today. He has over 50 books ready to be published, many coming out soon.

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