What Comes With The Dust: Goes With The Wind by Gharbi Mustafa

Today is Nazo Heydo’s Wedding. The day she will set herself on fire. Wearing her white gown, Nazo walks toward the bathroom. Once inside, she raises the heavy jerry can over her head. The odor of the kerosene fills her shallow breaths. With focused determination, she strikes the matchstick against the box. Before the flames catch her curly hair, she feels something magical—a motion inside her womb. Another life is kicking within her. Would the baby have the blue eyes of Azad Saydo her forbidden lover, or the dark black eyes of the ISIS fighter who had raped her? Nazo is dying to know. Nazo is an eighteen-year old Yazidi girl from Shingal in Iraqi Kurdistan. On a dusty August day, ISIS men drag her out of her village together with Sarah, her little deaf mute sister, to be traded as sex slaves. Nazo must escape slavery to join her lover. She thinks her Azad is trapped by ISIS with thousands of other Yazidi families at the slopes of Mount Shingal. She blows her dreams into the universe like feathers in the whirl wind and struggles with her fate on the roads she took to avoid it.

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What Comes With The Dust

A Review
“This is a truly captivating story that describes through the lives of the characters, the brutal attack and subjugation of the Yazidi people by DAESH (ISIS/ISIL) that began in August of 2014. The real life story of the horrific event is the reason I became active in the Kurdish Movement, so it is connected to me in a visceral way. This book is a good way for someone to get exposed to this history through the lens of exciting fiction, as the characters follow paths that are an amalgamation of the experiences of many people that actually lived through this terrible event. It is remarkable to me that Gharbi Mustafa wrote this book in English. The story flows very well and it is very easy to read for many hours without stopping.”

~ Stephen Shelby.

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