Chaos Theory: The Biker Variable by J. B. Sandkamp

Mason Metcalf, vice president of the Knights of Chaos Motorcycle Club is a very bad man. His willingness to do anything for the club, his organizational genius and attention to detail having engineered a meteoric rise to power second only to the president, his club counts heavily on his skill and ruthlessness. After a brief and vicious gunfight, like the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks, the Knights pull a frantic and badly bruised girl out of a cage in the back of the SUV belonging to the dead corono of their erstwhile trading partners—spoils of war.

Snatched off the street near her university by members of a street gang, ordered like pizza by an unknown entity, young Cleone Fitzwilliam-Lunzer, heir to the controlling interest in the family company, understands she is being trafficked. However, she believes it is some machination by her uncle, who desperately wants her out of the way, or some sort of hostile takeover by a member of her board of directors. Somewhere on the high-functioning end of the spectrum, Cleone, a savant and polymath, with an eidetic memory, a conveniently accommodating conscience, and old money is transported into the desert for the hand-off. Witnessing an illicit transaction gone badly wrong, she falls into the hands of the Knights of Chaos Motorcycle Club.

They should never have met. Their worlds did not intersect. History is full of such improbable chance meetings, as if something bored and malign orchestrated events for its own amusement.

Please be advised that this book contains graphic scenes of sex and violence.

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Chaos Theory: The Biker Variable by J. B. Sandkamp

A Review

liked this book a lot more than I was expecting to. I was expecting a fairly run of the mill MC story along the usual formulaic lines, but that’s not what I got. I got a well structured, researched story about quite distinct characters that did not fit in the usual molds. I found it very well written, enjoyable to read as it managed to avoid most of the usual cliches, and it felt authoritative about a complex issue. Cleone has some unnamed personality disorder and I felt that this was well captured. The descriptive writing style allowed us a glimpse of things from Cleone’s perspective, which felt authentic. Cleone is a genius and it is often hard to write convincingly about very clever people without either blatantly dumbing down or losing the reader. The author did neither here and I appreciated that a lot. I liked Cleone very much, more than I liked Mason, who I have yet to make my mind up about. But that’s okay too because he also was not a cliche so I am interested to see how the author will develop him.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for something a bit different that breaks the mold. It may not suit if you are looking for the usual MC formula but I found the characters refreshingly intelligent and superbly written. I’m glad I read it and I am eagerly awaiting the next part.

~ Kate Marin-Andrew

About J. B. Sandkamp

J. B. Sandkamp is retired and living quietly in Minnesota, where she is hard at work on the sequel, and two other works in progress.

Visit J. B. Sandkamp’s website.

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