The Primed Drinker – When Alcoholism Is Not The Problem and Recovery Is Not The Solution

STREET DATE: FEBRUARY 14th! Alcoholism has become a powerful belief system. When you take on the identity of an alcoholic, not only do you have to address your physical habit to drink, but you’ve also got to navigate who you’re supposed to be, how you should think, and what your behavior will be. Our culture […]

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Ignite Your Magnificence: the MQformula for Discovering Passion, Purpose and Power IN YOUR LIFE

“Our task is to sweep away the clutter of other people’s beliefs and find our own truth about ourselves. Once we accomplish this, our head and heart align with one another. This is the ultimate path to true happiness.” In this practical guide to aligning your head and heart, the author moves beyond the importance […]

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The Six Principles of Enlightenment and Meaning of Life by Russell Anthony Gibbs

Winner of the 2016 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Book in Spiritual Self Help Finalist of the 2017 Body Mind Spirit Book Awards All enlightened beings, most founders of religions and many renowned scientists knew and understood the six principles of enlightenment. These universal truths have been written about, taught and discussed for thousands […]

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