Break Free From The Negativity

My friend and fellow award-winning author, Dete Meserve, recently made a post which resonated with me. The gist of it was that our perception is in many ways enforced by what is around us, the example she used was on Facebook. “Everywhere I turn, people are talking about “toxic” social media, that they need cleansing […]

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SPA Girls Podcast – EP212 – Writing Great Characters

We all love it when we’re reading and we fall in love with a character.

Not just in the book boyfriend way – although that’s cool too – but in a isn’t-she-so-great-I-wish-I-could-be-just-like-her-or-maybe-just-her-best-friend way. 

As an author, how do you make that happen for your readers? 

That’s what we’re talking about this week in the SPA. What makes a great character? How do we make them so memorable that our readers keep coming back for more? What do you need to know about them before you start? And how do you bring them to life on the page?  

Join us as we dissect everything you might ever need to know about writing great characters! 

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