4 Tech Tools Everyone Should Be Using

As I am in the middle of working out some tech issues and considering some new systems, I began thinking of some of the today’s options now available for communication of all types—be it stories, directions, etc.   While new technology can be tricky and often frustrating–getting thoughts and words into text writing has become […]

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SPA Girls Podcast – EP204 – Snappy Beginnings With Amy Andrews

Ever been in a bookstore and opened a book to read the first couple of pages? (or clicked the look inside on Amazon?)

Ever put the book back, deciding that it wasn’t that interesting? 

Yep, we have too. 

And that’s exactly what we talk to Australian romantic comedy author Amy Andrews about this week. She takes us through the concept of first pages, and how to make sure readers not only pick up your book, but find they can’t put it down again (until they’ve reached the end!). 

Should you start with dialogue? What words should you cull? Exactly what are readers looking for? Find out the answers to these questions and many more in this episode of the SPA Girls Podcast! 

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SPA Girls – EP203 – How to Fail to Succeed

Do you feel like your writing career is filled with mistakes? Failures? Problems? 


That means you’re putting yourself out there, trying new things, and moving in a positive direction in your writing career.

If you’re not doing any of the above…start right now! 

Why, you ask, in horror? 

Because having a pile of failures next to your name means that you’re getting out there and doing things in your author business.

If you talk to the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, they’ll all tell you stories of the times they failed, the businesses that didn’t quite go as expected, and the problems they had to overcome.

And that’s okay, because learning how to fail is integral to succeeding.

It teaches us resilience, determination, and persistence. It shows us that we’re human, and that it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as we keep going. 

On the flip side, if you aren’t doing anything, you won’t fail.


Which would you prefer? 

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