SPAGirls Podcast – Episode 219 – Christmas and Our Favourite Guests of 2019

Let’s clear the air!

All our lovely guests are special and they resonate in different ways with each of us. But, if we had to choose . . .
Here they are, the ones who made us really think about what we do. The ones who push us to do better. And the ones who inspire us.
We thank them all. And thank you for being here and giving us an added encouragement to do this thing we love.

Merry Christmas!

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SPA Girls Podcast – EP217 – BookBrush

Today we interview Kathleen Sweeney from BrookBrush. She is the Customer Servies Manager & Marketing Lead.

Kathleen loves creating images. She brings over 17 years of client service experience, business assurance, strategy and problem solving to Book Brush. She is happy to help!

In this episode, she helps us delve into what we as writers can get out of BookBrush, and what wonderful features they have. Kathleen tells us that they are always evolving and working on new and exciting things to help us create those wonderful graphics.

‘As someone who can be at times technologically challenged, I found BookBrush easy to navigate and was surprised at the quality of the graphics I was able to produce in a short space of time.’ Wendy xx 

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Preparing for The Holidays: A Checklist

The holiday season seems to pass by faster and faster each year and, many times, this joyous and wonderful time of year is far more stressful and hectic than we’d like to admit. With that in mind, preparing for the holidays is more important than ever! For that reason, I’ve created a priority checklist to […]

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Advent Giveaway Day – Pilgrimage on the Path of Love – December 8 2019

A second giveaway from VFA member Barbara Briggs! Here is another chance to win a copy of Pilgrimage on the Path of Love by Barbara Ann Briggs, courtesy of Kindred Spirit magazine. It’s a beautiful uplifting journey of discovery all can enjoy!

Pilgramage on the Path of Love coverAn Ocean of Silence (a passage from the book)

“It took some time before … I was ready to begin my morning meditation. I crossed my legs in lotus position and closed my eyes. Gradually, the outer world faded away as my breathing settled down. As the body relaxed, breathing became as if suspended and the thoughts loosened their grip, spreading out into a formless, amorphous mass like clouds blown apart by the wind. The faint almost imperceptible impulse of the mantra appeared and disappeared like a fine golden thread weaving the rippling fabric of the mind into a more integrated pattern of inner clarity and peace. My heart seemed to melt into an ocean of silence, which erased all sense of time and space. As the rippling fabric of the mind became more and more transparent, the light of the inner sun shone through, igniting the fibers of awareness with light. Then the clouds passed, covering the sun and flickering images like flocks of wild birds flew across the canvas of the mind shadowing the light with their wings.”
(pp. 31-32) from Chapter One

Enter at Kindred Spirit’s Facebook page.

Winners will be picked at random on Sunday, December 8th at 6 p.m., UK time.

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