Save Yourself: An Epic Sci-fi Romance by S. Breaker

They’re after you. But which you…? Mistaken identities. Quantum worlds. Government conspiracies. Out of time. Save the multiverse. Save yourself. Don’t get erased. Ready? Dr. Laney Carter is a Nobel-prize-winning physicist, awarded for her groundbreaking experimental research on string theory and quantum universes, and then led her team to successfully develop the first working prototype […]

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Proxy by Rachel Unwin

The first book in a sweeping epic throughout our galaxy. Enter a world where AI is unattainable, war outside your solar system is forbidden, new civilizations are celebrated and a five-year-old girl is taken in by the Proxy Assembly because the guiding force of the galaxy, The Deciden, wants her ability for himself. Ceridwen’s life […]

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The Enemy of My Enemy by Richard Caldwell

While in Monte Carlo, a brilliant Saudi playboy starts having dreams and auditory hallucinations. During these visions, he believes that the Archangel Gabrial is commanding him to resurrect a modern-day Caliphate, establish a new Islamic world order and become the first global Caliph. As the frequency and intensity of his dreams increases, he starts hearing […]

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