Captain Jon Hunter Psychic Spy by D. Owen Powell

Part human. Part alien. All hero… Countless worlds have fallen before the merciless Drakonian Empire. Now, the Earth is in their sights…

If the reptilian invaders’ plan succeeds, they will decimate the planet, reducing humanity to slaves… or food. And only one man can stop them: Captain Jon Hunter.

Once a highly trained Army Ranger, Hunter is now Earth’s top operative in the Psychic Warfare Unit. After a lifetime of battle, the heroic soldier just wants to spend some quality time with his new family. But when he learns of the coming threat, Hunter must tap into his secret past… For within his DNA lies an alien linage, a history of past lives whose memories reach back for eons.

Drawing upon this ancient knowledge, Hunter rescues a long lost ally, who may be able to help avert the coming devastation. Together, they uncover an impossible fate lurking in Hunter’s future.

Earth’s final destiny will rest upon Jon Hunter’s shoulders. But to save the world, he may have to sacrifice more than he ever bargained for…
Fans of A.G. Riddle and Hugh Howey will love the mind-bending

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Captain Jon Hunter Psychic Spy by D. Owen Powell

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~ Aaron C. Yeagle

About D. Owen Powell

Hi! My Name is Dave. I go by D. Owen Powell. A bit about me: Born in 1946, I grew up in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio … a small city just outside of Akron.

I guess you could call me an original Baby Boomer. It was the time of change and an exciting era, when new music and industry was booming just like us—the products of our moms and dads. Many of our fathers were home from the Second World War, and eager to begin a family.

Not continuing an education in college, my secondary education began in the rice paddies of South Vietnam. Fortunate to come out unscathed; the reception back home was unpleasant. Not from my family, you see I lived right outside Kent, Ohio, and most will remember what transpired at Kent State University, May 4, 1970. From there I moved to South Florida … met a girl from Finland and fell in love. Have two sons a daughter and a bunch of grand-kids.

My income was derived mostly from a small business—now of over forty years, and I took up writing as a hobby along with hypnotherapy and had a part-time practice for several years.

In retrospect, my writing hobby met too much procrastination over the decades—finally getting serious a little over eight years ago. Most of us, have much to be told as ‛Our Story’… the behind-the-scenes us. There is a novel lurking in us all, and with a little embellishment, no one would really know that your fiction is three-quarters fact. Nevertheless, we… fiction writers, explore another element. That is what makes up genre fiction. How much truth is behind the veil of that word of fiction? An interesting thought, to be sure.

I wrote Sky Walkers Code Name: Operation Starlight as if I had lived it, and in fact, I guess I had. Then, I removed it from Amazon, and wrote its prequel book 1 “Captain Jon Hunter Psychic Spy”.

Join me and my ‘novel’ adventures, and I will see you… out there.

Your friend,

D. Owen Powell
PS If per chance you choose to read my books, please take a moment to write an honest, fair review on Amazon. I’d greatly appreciate it.

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