Calliope of Atalan: The American Dream by P. Curry

Calliope Thessaly is a teenage writer, bound to a beautiful home inside her beloved polis of Auburn due to her strict parents, Pan and Demeter. When her father announces a move to neighboring Griffin, Calliope is granted a little more freedom to explore, an opportunity she takes full advantage of, although she comes to find many of its pretentious inhabitants intolerable. Stress from the move reveals the cracks in her family and the discovery of a mysterious box reveals the city’s dark past and provides Calliope with an opportunity to keep history from repeating itself.

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Calliope of Atalan: The American Dream by P. Curry

A Review
“From character development to detailed storylines, the writer does good in bringing you to turn each page in anticipation. A truly great read.”

~ Mikey

About P. Curry
P. Curry is a novelist from Las Vegas, Nevada, playing an active role in the representation revolution by writing urban fantasy and period pieces with colorful themes such as Greek Mythology and Shakespeare surrounding people of color. Music, history, travel, culture and a shot on the rocks are all ways to get his attention.

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