Bright Pink Ink by Laura DiNovis Berry

A collection of poetry which celebrates the pitfalls and joys of simply being alive through odes to rugby, ruminations on being a military spouse and the process of falling in love.

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Bright Pink Ink by Laura DiNovis Berry

A Review

Bright Pink Ink by Laura Berry unflinchingly explores the feminine experience through the use of vivid and evocative verse. What does it mean to be a woman in today’s world? What defines us as humans? What does it mean to love another person or to be a mother? Berry delves into these questions and more in Bright Pink Ink.

Some of the poems are like a punch in the gut. Others read more like song lyrics. Often, Berry eschews the traditional rhyme scheme in favor of a style that reads as much more stream of consciousness; however, throughout the collection, she is not afraid to toy with a more traditional meter. Those pieces have more of a song like quality and I could imagine them as the words to a modern rock song, perhaps sung by Alanis Morrissette or Avril Lavigne (and I mean that as a compliment. I really enjoy the work of both of those artists).

I moved through the collection slowly because although this chapbook was relatively brief, there was a lot of raw emotion packed into each piece. If you enjoy authentic and visceral explorations of the female experience, then Berry is one poet who is definitely worth exploring. I hope she releases another poetry collection in the future.

~ Rev. Rebecca Writes

About Laura DiNovis Berry

Laura DiNovis Berry, a rugby player and desperate knitter, tries her own hand at the ever fascinating craft of poetry when she is not reading and reviewing the collections of other modern poets.

Visit Laura DiNovis Berry’s website.

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