Brand Harmony: Achieving Dynamic Results by Orchestrating Your Customer’s Total Experience by Steve Yastrow

Brand Harmony presents a fresh and revealing approach to branding and explains how companies of all types and sizes can achieve dynamic results by orchestrating their customers’ total experience. Brand Harmony is a breakthrough concept that aligns everyone in a company to deliver a powerful, harmonious message to customers.Full of common-sense wisdom, Brand Harmony dispels the myths about branding and shows how companies can successfully create Brand Harmony in the minds of their customers by aligning the entire organization to tell one cumulative story.

Brand Harmony takes marketing beyond the marketing department by showing how people throughout an organization need to be the brand in order to create comprehensive, company-wide messages that customers will understand and believe. Brand Harmony includes 10 how-to exercises based on Yastrow’s proven methods and real-life examples which walk the reader through each stage of the branding process.

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Brand Harmony: Achieving Dynamic Results by Orchestrating Your Customer's Total Experience by Steve Yastrow


A Review
“If you’ve ever thought that maybe branding was something more than a cool logo, a catchy slogan, or a big advertising campaign, this book is definitely for you. In “Brand Harmony,” Steve Yastrow shows how all the experiences customers have with a company color their impression of its brand–a fact which is just as true for a mom-and-pop flower shop as it is for McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. In fact, this book is probably more relevant to smaller companies that don’t have enormous ad budgets, because it demonstrates how advertising is really only a small part of how brand impressions are formed–not even the most important part. If this book doesn’t get you thinking about the importance of branding and how you can do a better job of creating positive impressions in your customers’ minds, you weren’t paying attention. “Brand Harmony” isn’t just the management fad of the week–it’s a business philosophy that will impact every area of your business (if you do it right). Kudos to Steve, and hats off to all the business owners and managers who “get it.””

~ David Greusel

About Steve Yastrow
Steve Yastrow is a non-stop idea generator, business advisor and author. When he’s not creating new ideas for his books and other writings, he’s thinking about how to apply his ideas to his clients’ businesses.

In 1997 Steve opted-out of a career as a senior marketing executive in the hospitality industry to form Yastrow and Company. Yastrow and Company has enabled Steve to help organizations of all types improve their results through his breakthrough marketing, customer relationship and sales ideas.

Steve Yastrow is the author of three books, Ditch the Pitch, We: The Ideal Customer Relationship and Brand Harmony. Management guru Tom Peters says, “When Steve Yastrow writes, I pay close attention.” Peters called Brand Harmony “compelling and powerful,” while describing We as “a superb book.”

As an author, Steve excels at identifying the things that truly matter in business, dissecting trends and blending his observations with philosophy and science. He identifies the questions that are crucial to business success and helps his readers answer those questions for their own businesses.

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