Beyond All Things: Insights to Awaken Joy, Purpose, and Spiritual Connection by Dr. Azriela Jankovic

We live in a miraculous age wherein ancient wisdom and current science are intersecting before our eyes.

It is a time of more material abundance than ever before, and yet, loneliness is increasingly widespread across societies.

How can we harness available tools to remedy this paradox of modernity?

Beyond All Things brings forth both timeless wisdom and timely research in an experience that is more than a book. It is a spiritual journey of reclaiming the joy, purpose, and connection that are available to each one of us in any moment.

Upon beginning Beyond All Things, you will realize how even small changes in thought, speech, and action have tremendous power to not only transform us, but in actuality, the world.

The fifty insights in this book offer practical suggestions to upgrade your life and make the most of even seemingly small moments. A unique combination of stories, research, meditations, and reflective contemplative questions provide the reader with an opportunity to engage with new ideas and practices designed to awaken the deeper world within.

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Beyond All Things: Insights to Awaken Joy, Purpose, and Spiritual Connection by Dr. Azriela Jankovic

A Review

Dr. Azriela Jankovic is eloquent with words, while offering simple insights to allow the reader to achieve more present moment awareness, kindness, generosity, and self-love. The synchronicity experienced by the author discussed in the background story tie into each insight perfectly and show a deep level of awareness discovered through her personal experiences. This book will help make you a better person, take better care of yourself, and realize that change is easier than previously thought! Highly recommended!

~ Jay March

About Dr. Azriela Jankovic

Beyond All Things: Insights to Awaken Joy, Purpose, and Spiritual Connection by Dr. Azriela Jankovic Dr. Azriela Jankovic is a contemporary spiritual teacher inspired to share universally relevant ideas that enhance daily life and foster joy, purpose, and spiritual connection.

She is the author of ‘Beyond All Things,’ and hosts the brand new ‘Within all Things’ Podcast.

Azriela has a bachelors degree in Sociology (UCLA, 2002), a teaching certificate, coaching certificates, a master’s in educational administration, and a doctorate in education (USC, 2012).

She has studied beliefs, relationships, and rituals as well as their impact on transforming and enhancing lives.

How are our beliefs formed? Are they serving us? How can we change them?

How can we improve our relationships with others? What is the origin of happiness?

These questions, and the answers to these questions have driven her writing, show, seminars, and transformational coaching work.

Her quest to live an authentic and meaningful life inspired her to get married, become a mother – she is the grateful mom of four – support an entrepreneurial family, pursue an education, move across the world, and keep on learning from life – one day at a time.

She believes that joy, purpose, and spiritual connection are seeds within each one of us, and may simply need a bit of ‘awakening,’ or ‘watering.’

Visit Dr. Azriela Jankovic’s website.

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