Between Now and Forever: A Paranormal Adventure

When you believe you know all the answers, your stop asking questions and learning stops.

Medicate or nurture; reform or set free? These are quandaries rookie teacher Marjorie Veil faces when she takes on an after-school class for thirteen-year-olds labeled as troublemakers, unteachable, and hopeless. Faculty skeptics warn that all these kids need is prescribed medication for focus and impulse control. “Bring them into line,” they say. “Show them who’s boss.” But, as Marjorie quickly discovers, behind their anti-conformist exteriors are gifted teens that are sensitive, empathetic, and wise beyond their youth. They also happen to have unique psychic abilities, which they have kept hidden until now. Can Marjorie help her students do what she has been unable to do for herself: fight for their spiritual and emotional freedom?

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Between Now and Forever: A Paranormal Adventure

A Review
“Margaret Duarte’s writing skills are off the chart with clear, solid examples of showing, not telling using terrific dialogue, action, and self-reflection. As if this wasn’t enough, she created a storyline that contains ongoing suspense that keeps you turning the pages. She incorporates fascinating ideas such as a new definition of Alzheimers and its treatment. How refreshing to view this terrible neurodegenerative disease in a new light, with the idea of going back to a collective mind shared with nature and God, connecting everything with spirit. In the book, this is demonstrated through the character, Adam, who creates life-sized clay sculptures based on memories of his loved ones, and whose decline is palliated by living in nature and being overseen by a compassionate nurse. The book is inspirational.”

~ Carolyn Radmanovich

About Margaret Duarte
Between Now and Forever: A Paranormal Adventure Margaret Duarte, the daughter of Dutch immigrants and a former middle school teacher, lives on a California dairy farm with her family and a herd of “happy cows,” a constant reminder that the greenest pastures lie closest to home. Margaret earned her creative writing certificate through University of California, Davis Extension and has since published three novels in her four-book “Enter the Between” visionary fiction series.

Margaret is a founding member of the Visionary Fiction Alliance, dedicated to encouraging the evolution and embracement of visionary fiction. The VFA was awarded one of the top fifty blogs and websites for fiction book readers and authors at the content reader, Feedspot.

Visit Margaret Duarte’s website.

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