Being Happy with Nevis by Christian-Lothar Ludwig

The story of a butterfly may not seem wild,
but this tale was written to help every child.
Nevis dreams about getting out of his cocoon,
yet neither kicking nor screaming is helping soon.
That’s how Nevis’ story starts unhappily,
but then he notices, how happy he can be.

In the insect kingdom they promise,
that every human summons happiness,
if he only reads this book to kids
and then closes both eyelids.
Whether this is really true,
you decide, but only for you.

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Being Happy with Nevis by Christian-Lothar Ludwig

A Review
“A nice cuddly evening in gray November, cozy reading with dad, mom, and Nevis, the little caterpillar.
With childish rhymes, we accompany the development of the little green friend, who wants to grow, but feels trapped in his cocoon.
Who does not know that ? We compare, expect and are discouraged. But then it´s too much for our friend. He does not want to just dream of happiness. He starts to determine his life-direction by himself!

Together with Nevis, the reading family gets caught on a fantasy trip, leading to happiness.
Our caterpillar does not get his happiness by freeing himself from the cocoon. It´s his path to happiness, that makes him a butterfly.
Beautiful, for all ages! We have all been able to immerse ourselves in the beautiful pictures.
Being happy with Nevis is a great Santa or Christmas present!”

~ Jutta Timm

About Christian-Lothar Ludwig
Christian-Lothar Ludwig was born in Romania in 1986 and moved to Germany as a child. He worked as a CNC-operator and as a project- and process-engineer. In search of his vocation and meaning in life, he discovered the path of self-discovery.

In his books, he writes in an eclectic way about personal development and self-discovery, as well as the countless little things, that goes with the territory. His books hide innumerable approaches, which should facilitate the development of personality.

By now, he has published a novel in German and English, two illustrated books in German and one in English. He wrote a stage-play and is currently working on a new novel, five illustrated books with artist from Europe and America and a comic with dark humor for grown-ups.

In addition to writing, he spends his time traveling, playing billiards and darts and photographing. Otherwise, he likes to listen to music and is interested in a few television series. But, his favorite is to spend time in the open with sunbathing, swimming and sitting around a campfire.

Visit Christian-Lothar Ludwig’s website.

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