Backwards Book Launch: Reverse Engineer Your Book and Unlock Its Hidden 6-Figure Potential

There is hidden money locked away inside your book. We’re talking about 6, 7 and even 8 figures!

Whether you’re just starting out as an author and have already published a book or you’re thinking of publishing a book in the future – all authors face the same problem: How to Actually Make Money with Their Book. Unfortunately, most authors mistakenly believe the money will come solely from the royalties of their book and it is this thinking that is keeping the majority of authors broke.

This book will help you 10x your income with your book by Reverse Engineering the PROFIT into your book (first) and creating multiple streams of income that also gives massive benefits to the reader. By following the Backwards Book Launch method, you are going to be creating something valuable and critical to your long-term success: BUSINESS ASSETS.

The Backwards Book Launch method has 3 steps – 1) Design Your PROFIT Path into your book first, not last. 2) Publish the Right Way. 3) Promote to #1.

This book details 12 Profit Paths that you can add on to your book to increase your profits as well as a special Bonus: 100 Ways to Make $100k! Smart entrepreneurs including coaches, consultants, healers, accountants, doctors, lawyers, speakers, software developers, and high-level business owners are using the Backwards Book Launch method to cash in on their knowledge and expertise to the tune of an additional 6-figures and beyond from their book. If you’re ready to go from broke author to a rich author, then this book was written for YOU!

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What Comes With The Dust

A Review

“Michelle Kulp’s program on how to become an Amazon best-selling author is, to put it mildly, the best MONEY I have ever spent! I took her program, and guess what? My novel,” Harem Slave: One Thousand Nine Hundred and Four Days of Hell on the Persian Gulf”, became the #1 best-seller in its category on Amazon!

I’ve been writing my entire life, but am utterly clueless about the whole e-publishing world.”

~ Nancy Hartwell

About Michelle Kulp
Michelle Kulp is an International Book Launch Expert, Book Publishing Specialist and #1 Bestselling Author. Michelle has helped over 6 dozen clients become #1 bestselling authors and has coached many of her clients to build 6-figure businesses with their books so they can become the Author-ity in their field. You can sign up for Michelle’s free webinar at:

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