Baby & New Baby by Catherine Habbie

Baby gets a sibling! Help baby understand this beautiful change in her life. Create love and affection for the new sibling in baby’s heart with this delightful tale of Baby & New Baby.

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Baby & New Baby by Catherine Habbie

A Review

This book is a must for families expecting a second baby. It eases the news to the baby and prepares the child for the new addition to the family.

~ Geraldine

About Catherine Habbie

Baby & New Baby by Catherine HabbieCatherine Habbie lives in London with her family. She has worked as a banker and teacher before writing bestselling books for babies- ‘Baby goes to London’, ‘Baby in the Garden’ , ‘Baby in the Vegetable Patch’, ‘Baby in the Orchard’ ‘Baby’s First Halloween’, ‘Baby’s First Christmas’, ‘Baby’s First Easter’ & ‘Baby Goes to Space’. Watch out for her latest books ‘Baby in Lockdown’ ‘Baby & New Baby’.

Other works by the author-

The Tryptych Trilogy~ Fairytales started out as a Christmas gift for the family. It is now a collection of modern magical stories penned down for both children and adults, including everyone’s favourite literary & contemporary characters-Cinderella, Harry Potter & even Sherlock Holmes! The latest twist in the tale, Fairytales 2020 is out with a Goodreads prize winning short story and entries to BBC 500 Words, including COVID 19!

You can read her poems in the collection, ‘The Golden Years’. The author also writes spiritual books for children with Christian Publication. The books are available on Amazon, Audible and Kindle.

Visit Catherine Habbie’s website.

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