Atlantis Writhing by Jean Brannon

Atlantis is writhing. Chaos and greed have granted an obsessive new monarch enough power to destroy the world – and beyond.

The only thing standing between King Gadeirus and intergalactic annihilation is Elysia and her fellow Light Ray missionaries. As time grows short, the missionaries work tirelessly to overcome the evil Lesser Light forces. When all options have been stripped away, a symbol long lost to antiquity surfaces just in time to inspire them to concoct one last desperate scheme.

Yet forbidden longings must be dealt with, too. Cravings Elysia must confront in the presence of hypnotic Alaric, a visiting dignitary with a scandalous past. But behind his seductive ways is a shocking secret – an unexpected key that may help Elysia unlock her potent power and wield it in the fight for the Highest Light. (Book One in the Highest Light Series.)

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Atlantis Writhing by Jean Brannon

A Review
“Star Trek” fantasy meets “Way Of The Peaceful Warrior” inspiration wrapped in “Like Water For Chocolate” romance. “

~ Writers Pay It Forward

About Jean Brannon
Whether working with patients or the written word, licensed acupuncturist and author Jean Brannon likes to use metaphysical and Eastern mysticism concepts as tools to help people become more self-empowered. Her dream is to give ancient wisdom and New Thought ideas a voice in popular culture.

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