Almighty Allmachtig by P. G. R. Wright

Just before the outbreak of World War II, Fabienne, a young German girl flees her abusive, widowed father and takes a job, caring for disabled children in a home on the outskirts of Berlin. When Jurgen, a young soldier, turns up on the doorstep of the home, asking if he can take Fabienne to the local dance, the women running the organisation agree, against their better judgement. Soon the young couple are in love.

With the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party, comes persecution of anyone seen to be “inferior to the German master race”. This includes children with disabilities and Fabienne and the women flee the Nazi wrath, taking the vulnerable children with them on an epic journey across Germany. Some will survive the Nazi punishments, others will not. But in the background is her relationship with Jurgen. Will he stay loyal or betray her to his masters in the Nazi party?

When she hears that her father is in jail, awaiting the death penalty for murder, she is forced to come out of hiding to visit him and make her peace. The risk is enormous, but in doing so, Fabienne learns some extraordinary news, which changes the course of her life.

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Almighty Allmachtig by P. G. R. Wright

A Review

Quite simply,it is one of the best novels that I have ever read,and I was completely enthralled with it. Straight from the start, one feels drawn to the various characters,and how the terrible,unfolding world events occurring before their very eyes, will go on to affect and ultimately change their lives forever.

Given that this is the author’s first novel, his gift of revealing and sharing the terrible plight of the sometimes overlooked victims of a madman’s insanity, i.e. children with varying disabilities, is crafted very skillfully indeed.

The story is so well written, with so many twists and turns, the reader never quite knows how things will turn out.

To sum up,I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this excellent,thrilling, dramatic, romantic, thought provoking, debut novel to anyone.
An outstanding first novel,I really can’t wait for this author’s next book.


About P. G. R. Wright

Almighty Allmachtig by P. G. R. Wright P.G.R. Wright is from Ormskirk Lancashire England. Almighty Allmachtig is his debut novel. He has always been a keen writer, who also has a love of history.

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