Aiden the Basketball Star by Suzan Johnson

This book is the sequel to Aiden, the Soccer Star! He’s back, and this time Aiden is playing a new sport, basketball! Although Aiden enjoys the game, he is not sure that his skills are strong enough to make the team. He seeks the help of his friend to improve certain ball techniques. Will it work? Find out if Aiden’s hands will help him become a basketball star!

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Aiden the Basketball Star by Suzan Johnson

A Review

What a great book! From excellent illustrative work to its motivational story, “Aiden, the Basketball Star” is far more than a “children’s” book.

Aiden had been a fantastic soccer star but wanted to try his hands at basketball. Unfortunately, they’re very different but with the help of his best friend, his family and the people around him, Aiden realizes his full potential at playing this sport, too!

EXCERPT “As the team celebrated their guaranteed entrance into the playoffs, Aiden realized that he had great hands, but they are nothing without his team working together. Teamwork, he concluded, is the main ingredient for victory.”

What also sets this book apart from other children’s books is that Suzan has included a glossary of terms and activity readers can use to help them understand some of the terms used in this book.

~ Aaron Yeagle

About Suzan Johnson

Suzan Johnson has been the Media Specialist at an elementary school for over ten years. She is a voracious reader of books of all genres. Growing up, she loved and enjoyed participating in sporting activities such as cheerleading and softball. As a teacher, she encourages her students to read a variety of books and participate in sports. Suzan is a member of the South Florida Writer’s Association and The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She currently lives in the South Florida area.

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