A Part of Me by Karin Aharon

She did not expect for this to happen.

And now, she needs to fight the greatest battle of her life.

Shirley is preoccupied with her daily routine: her demanding job at a law firm, raising her 18-month son and the relationship with her loving husband.

Shirley’s busy life is turned upside down when her mother, who lives in Australia, comes over to visit and receives painful news – she is diagnosed with cancer.
This terrible discovery is just the tip of the iceberg of the struggles Shirley must face.

Against all odds, and despite the challenges in her path, she goes on a long and courageous journey, with a single goal in mind – do everything it takes to be there for her children.

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A Part of Me by Karin Aharon

A Review

Karin’s Aharon is one of those rare gems, that are not only written with sensitivity and great talent, but also promote a meaningful cause.

In the book, Shirley and her mother go through a painful yet eye-opening journey, caused by Shirley’s mother illness. Shirley is a mother of three, who just wants to give her children all that life can offer, and decides to save herself in light of her mother’s genetic breast and ovarian cancer mutation, which she fears, might have been passed on to her.

I must say, that following this book I have decided to get checked and become aware of the all preventative measures I am able to take in order to save myself and others. Thank you Karin for writing this commendable work!

~ Chen Michaeli

About Karin Aharon

A Part of Me by Karin Aharon Karin Aharon has been a lawyer, social media manager and Israeli Supernanny. Despite her Multiple Sclerosis, she has been an amateur belly-dancer for the past 5 years. There is no boring moment for Karin and her husband while raising 3 children – a high functioning autistic teenage boy, and two hyperactive girls. Her health file fills up several folders and is an inspiration for her humoristic writing.

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