A Fool’s Dream, Book 2 by Vilincia Patrick

Paul McKinsey Jr. is a noble, rich, and lovable pre-law student from Aurora Court. His manner of existence is going nowhere until Danielle Jefferson, a slender, pale, young woman, moves back into his life. She has a mind for music and life.

Paul always owned an instant disliking for Danielle: the Huntress and peculiar ways she suffers during her years in Aurora Court.

When a gold-digger tries to take Paul, Danielle springs to the rescue. Paul notices that Danielle is rather smart at the core.

However, the pressures of Danielle’s job as an escort leave her blind to Paul’s affections, so Paul takes up a mission to find his black Nubian Princess to distract himself.

Finally, when the evil, gold-dredger Latisha Mood, threatens to come between them, Danielle has to act fast. However, will they ever find the pure love they deserve?

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A Fool's Dream, Book 2 by Vilincia Patrick

A Review
“A Fool’s Dreams: Book 2 by Vilincia Patrick is a young adult romance with strong hints of coming-of-age and interesting characters. Klutzy Danielle is in senior high and stunning beauty. She prefers to stay in school, removed from the world of her boyfriend, Paul McKinsey, Jr. Things change when her check bounces and she turns to prostituting herself with Paul’s frat brothers. But this is something that doesn’t go unnoticed and her boyfriend quickly gets a whiff of it. What makes things even more complicated for Danielle is that her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend comes back to town with a baby she claims to be his.

This young adult romance explores life in senior high school and what it feels like to be part of the drama that happens with the sorority and fraternity groups. The narrative is told in the first person voice, alternating between the main characters, and this style of writing allows readers to easily connect with the characters. The points of view are skillfully explored and readers can see the world from the perspective of the characters. Vilincia Patrick provides sufficient backstory about the characters, and since the narrative is in the first person, the narrators are opinionated and tend to explain things. The prose is good and this author has a great gift for character and for composing scenes that are focused and emotionally rich. A Fool’s Dreams offers vivid images of life in high school, exploring a sophisticated romance. I enjoyed the story, loved the strong plot points, and the realism that infuses the writing.”

~ Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

About Vilincia Patrick
Vilincia Patrick has been interested in creative writing since as early as a seventh or eighth-grade student when her teacher influenced her to use her imagination. Experiences in high school, college, fantasy, and research inspired Vilincia with the compilation of her books.

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