A Bolt From The Blue by Robert James Bridge

The Halifax Explosion.

I would like to take readers on a journey through time, to an era perhaps forgotten in the sands of time. To a time when the first world war was in progress and many Canadian men were in France fighting in hand to hand combat. The explosion on that fateful day in Halifax and Dartmouth was to change people’s lives forever? Thanks to the Doctors and Nurses and people of Boston USA many lives were saved. Each and every year at 9 am on December 6th the bells ring out in Halifax in memory of the dead.

Narrated in the first person giving a sense of immediacy to the developing action which follows, characterization is very strong and it encourages its readers to identify with John and the tragedy. However having said this story took place on Dec 6th, 1917, a day that would remain in the hearts and minds of each and every Canadian. Starting like any other day in Halifax John pulled the blanket around his head to ward off the cold, the snowbound scenery which awaited him reminded him that Christmas was on the horizon and the problem of money was once more about to rear its ugly head in the Smithers household. The balance I have tried to achieve between personal detail and the wider implications of the actual explosion.

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“A Bolt From The Blue” is the fictional-but-true story of Johnathon Smithers who braved the hellish tragedy that was an explosion in Halifax, stealing the lives of thousands of lives. Even as the loss of his family in the calamity hit him hard, he felt duty-bound to ensure the survival of the remaining town, taking after his father who was a fireman.

“Bolt” is a brief but dramatic read. I like historical fiction because it’s a way to remember our history in a way that is more personal, especially when the facts are correct. I never knew of this horrific tragedy until now and the story of Johnathan pulled me in and had me looking up the event. I did, however, feel that the story too quickly dove into the tragedy without me, the reader, getting to know the character enough to become emotionally connected to him. All in all, a good read.

~ Aaron C. Yeagle

About Robert James Bridge

A Bolt From The Blue by Robert James Bridge I began writing many years ago although at that time it was writing notes in a scrapbook during my school breaks. The inspiration came to me as I got older and the love of writing became more than a hobby and a lifetimes dream. I felt I wanted to write various genres and today I have a four books series of adult fictional crime plus two books of historical fiction and more recently my on-the-edge thriller along with my book of romantic fiction. In my bucket list, I dream of the day I see my book(s) on the bookshelves for readers to enjoy.

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