7 Uplifting News Stories You’ve Got To See

There’s a lot going on in the news right now that could make even the most stoic individual frown. It’s easy to let all of the stories get us down and strip away our positivity, perhaps exacerbating the negativity among some of our friends and family. That’s why, as regular readers of my blog know, I like to round up some of the happy and positive stories from around the world to help put things in perspective. So let’s do our best to help in these sad situations and let these stories of hope, love and care inspire us to do it!

Australia drops 4,600 pounds of food, water from helicopters to feed hungry wallabies


The devastating wildfires in Australia have caused an immeasurable amount of loss. The number of trees, plants, properties and animals impacted by the fires is said to be astronomical. And, while this unfortunate situation occurs, there are brave, incredible people risking their lives to help others. In this case, it was the hungry wild animals whose homes were all but wiped out by the fires. With nothing left to eat, the only option was to bring the food to them. Thousands of pounds of vegetables were scattered across the forests in an effort to help the wildlife survive.

Iowa woman who fostered more than 600 children says she loved them ‘like they were my own’


If we want to see a hero, look no further than this incredible woman who, over the years, has fostered over 600 children. An incredibly selfless, lifetime act of generosity and love, she is an inspiration to us all. Considering the hundreds of lives she’s helped, her legacy is sure to live on for generations.

Man survives weeks in remote Alaska wilderness after cabin burns down, writes ‘SOS’ in snow


Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where the odds are against us. It’s a terrifying reality and something that can keep us from taking risks and exploring new things. But the will to live for humans is incredibly strong and this man is no exception. After his home burned down just before Christmas, he managed to survive for several weeks before finally being rescued. It’s a happy ending to a story that could have ended in tragedy.

17-year-old discovers planet 6.9 times larger than Earth on third day of internship with NASA


Age is just a number! And for this young astronomer who was interning with NASA, it didn’t stop him from discovering a planet on just his third day as an intern. I can’t help but smile as I think of this young man’s joy at having made such a noteworthy discovery.

Agnes Keleti, oldest living Olympic champion and Holocaust survivor, turns 99


Age is just a number, still! Especially for the oldest living Olympic champion, Agnes Keleti who just turned 99! Not only is she a gold winner, she is also a survivor of the holocaust. It’s important we recognize and celebrate these impressive milestones from people like Agnes.

Australian wildfires: Knitters around the globe unite to knit koala mittens and joey pouches


There is just too much good news surrounding the response to the Australian wildfires not to share, like this story of knitters worldwide banding together to knit for the wildlife being impacted or orphaned by the blaze.

Heart-warming moment deaf baby giggles with delight as he hears his mother’s voice for the first time after being fitted with a hearing aid


There is nothing quite as beautiful as the bond between mother and child, and this moment is a prime example of this truth. It’s a beautiful reminder that the technology we sometimes bash can have profoundly incredible implications for those of us who struggle with disabilities. This is a must watch video with perhaps a box of tissues.

The point of this post isn’t to take away from the seriousness and attention of the bad news that we see daily, but to help us put things into perspective and realize that, while things can sometimes go wrong, there are countless humans who step up, take charge and make humanity proud. Perhaps you are one of those people? If not, maybe one day. Have you ever seen someone do something heroic or heartwarming? Share it with me in the comments.

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