6 Traits of a Bookworm

Ahh, to be a bookworm. To love books with a fiery passion, and always be searching for the next great read! Of course, bookworms come in many varieties. As I began thinking about similar traits shared throughout the greater book loving community, I realized that I could not think of a single list that could fully unite everyone. Although, I felt compelled to begin to jot down my thoughts, I am aware, if even possible, it would take several villages of readers with a variety of tastes and preferences to make an all-inclusive sort of list. As I believe in the supposition that no two people ever read the same book–we experience every story though the filter of our own unique backgrounds.

I would love to have you add your thoughts!

Introverted Tendencies

Now this one I felt was most likely to cause a stir, and I’ll admit that there are surely PLENTY of extroverted bookworms. But hear me out. If one would rather cozy up in a comfy chair and read the latest thriller, they have some introverted tendencies. And that’s perfectly okay. In fact, most people have qualities of both introverts and extroverts depending on the situation. For bookworms, the beckoning call of a good book is likely to take them away from a group and into a book nook!


Like some of the greatest heroines of our time, bookworms tend to be some of the most loyal people around. This stems from the countless positive influences we gain through the books we read, as well as the loyalty we gain over time for our favorite authors, characters, series, et al. If one knows a bookworm, they likely know of an author they simply can’t help but follow. That loyalty is one of their defining features.


Bookworms tend to be exposed to far more words than their non-book-loving- counterparts. They can’t even help it. After reading 100 different books, it’s hard to avoid building an impressive lexicon. This quality tends to have positive impacts on their writing and can even benefit them in their career! Communication is a critical skill in any profession, so bookworms tend to shine!


If one has ever tried to interrupt a bookworm with a good time, they’ve likely heard the phrase “Let me just finish this chapter.” This stems from the pure love and interest in the material, but also pure tenacity. Ask a bookworm about their reading list this year, and you’ll likely be amazed at the length of it. And yes, they’ll finish it no matter what they have to sacrifice! Bookworms regularly find themselves staying up well past their bedtime to finish a book they simply can’t put down.


Some bookworms are prone to their rituals when it comes to reading. Whether it’s how they select a new book, or what their process is for starting a new book. Perhaps they won’t open a book without a steaming hot cup of tea, or they sit in a very specific spot, or they only use an antique leather bookmark given to them by a beloved relative. For some the rituals are simple, for others they’re extensive. Either way, bookworms develop these over time and in some cases don’t even realize the permanence of their rituals


After reading countless books about far off places, times, environments, et al., it’s hard not to develop a serious case of wanderlust! Bookworms love to travel because it allows them to experience the world as they’ve experienced through their favorite works. Whether it’s going to a pub in London mentioned by their favorite writer, or visiting a landscape they read about, it provides them a sense of place and connection. Of course, they’ll always have a collection of books with them on their travels.

Are you a bookworm? Do any of these traits apply to you? What are your writing rituals? Has reading of new and interesting places sparked your desire to travel? Do you find you have a deeper understanding and thrill in experiencing, first-hand, settings you’ve read about? I’d love to hear about your favorite experiences as a bookworm, as well as any traits I have missed!

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