4 Reasons You Should Be Using YouTube To Market Yourself

It might be hard to believe, but YouTube is nearly 15 years old! That’s right––15 years! In that relatively short amount of time, it has had a massive impact on culture as a whole. It is a place where anyone can create and post a video to share their thoughts, ideas and products to the world! For those who have only scraped the surface of YouTube––perhaps watching a few videos here and there or using it to listen to their favorite song––I’ve got some tips for why it should become part of your marketing repertoire immediately!

It’s Free

Like any good social media platform, YouTube is FREE. That’s right––it costs absolutely nothing to setup your own channel and start posting your own content TODAY. Of course, the price isn’t the only reason one should be taking advantage of the second largest search engine in the world…


People Love YouTube

When an individual wants to market themselves or their work, they have to go where the people are congregating. The truth is, you don’t become the second largest search engine in the world without having millions or billions of people visiting you! But why are so many people using YouTube? Simple: It’s full of content that is entertaining, informative, original, and/or thought provoking! This is the veritable water of the watering hole that is YouTube! It is this rich resource that provides a unique opportunity for those of us who are looking to promote themselves.


It’s Powerful

All those people congregated in one space looking for content means that individuals, businesses, authors, et al. can capitalize on their presence through their own content. That means that if one can create unique content for the channel that promotes their brand either directly or  indirectly, it can be a seriously useful tool for growing their business. That’s powerful! When someone produces content and shares it on the network, it has the potential to reach millions––even billions––of people. In fact, the most watched YouTube video has nearly 7 BILLION views. The potential here is incredible and while your videos won’t necessarily reach the top charts, it can have some valuable impact for growing a business.


A Great Place To Share Your Wins

For Authors, getting a book award or a fantastic review can feel great. Perhaps they’ll share it on their Twitter or Facebook, but they can also share it to YouTube! This gives them the ability to express themselves in a more personal and emotional medium, allowing their facial expressions, tone and enthusiasm shine. The best part? Not only will that video have the potential to reach far more people on YouTube, but it can also be shared to Twitter and Facebook as well!

It’s clear that YouTube is a valuable social channel for growing your brand or business, so be sure to take advantage of it because it can only help! If you aren’t using YouTube, I’d love to hear why! Share your hesitations in the comments below!


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